Vittorio Caria
Hello folks! Thanks to be here at my website, surely not the best Website on the net.
My name is Vttorio and live in Milan. I am Amateur Radio since 1991, starting as IS0GPT in Sardinia, where I was born 42 Years ago.Here you will find some notes on this hobby and about my preferred activities: Contesting and Dx-pedition... obviously in CW!
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Hi Guys, that's my new adventure.

Zanzibar Island AF-032 from January 4th to 12ve as 5H1VC.

The scope of this operation is to contact as many operators from
ASIA and Oceania.

Hams from those continents hearing my signal through the wall of EU pile up send me an email (i2gpt@yahoo.it) in real time and I will call for AREA trying to open the pile up for them.

Daily notes on www.dxcoffee.com

Please, consider that this is a holyday style operation, so my time will be dedicated also to other things.

QSL manager will be RW6HS Vasiliy. Please, send cards requests directly to him either direct or via buro.

As a sign of respect for the excellent job of my manager Vasiliy RW6HS, I will not reply to QSL cards sent directly to me or requested via my OQRS system. Eventual contributions made will be considered as kind donation.

Logsearch facility on I2GPT.COM is valid also for this dxpedition and will be updated at the end. Please verify you are in the log before sending cards to Vasiliy.

CU on the bands,

vy 73 de Vic 5H1VC/I2GPT